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Generally, a citizen of a foreign country who wishes to enter the United States must first obtain a visa, either a nonimmigrant visa for temporary stay or an immigrant visa for permanent residence. Citizens of qualified countries may be also able to visit the United States without a visa under the Visa Waiver Program. If you do not qualify for the Visa Waiver Program or are traveling to study, work, or participate in an exchange program, you must apply for a nonimmigrant visa.

Applicants for U.S. visas are required to appear in person for a visa interview at the U.S. Embassy. You must schedule an appointment for that interview, either online using this website or through the call center.

Supporting Documents

To schedule a nonimmigrant visa appointment, you must have the following information and documents available:

  • A passport valid for travel to the United States with a validity date at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the United States (unless country-specific agreements provide exemptions. If more than one person is included in your passport, each person desiring a visa must submit an application;
  • Your visa application (MRV) fee payment receipt;
  • Your DS-160 confirmation page;
  • Your e-mail address; and
  • If applicable, required documents based on visa class (such as a petition approval for petition-based visas; more information about visa types and information about each can be found here).

Restrictions to Changing Appointments

Applicants are limited to rescheduling their appointment three times before their payment receipt is locked. Please plan accordingly so that you are not required to pay another visa application fee.

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