Note: Due to the administrative closures of the Immigrant Visa Unit and the Nonimmigrant Visa Unit on December 19, 2019 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., no visa services will be provided for applicants.

To improve speed in our visa processing, we remind all applicants the U.S. Consulate General in Hong Kong will not allow visa applicants to bring in bags larger than 30 x 24 x 7.5 cm.  Please take note of the prohibited items that will not be allowed into the Consulate and may result in you missing your visa appointment.

On June 26, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision that allows continued implementation of Presidential Proclamation 9645 (P.P.).  Certain nationals of Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, and Venezuela are subject to the restrictions and limitations.  More information is available at this link.

In accordance with the agreement signed between the United States and China to extend visa validity, beginning on November 29, 2016, Chinese citizens with 10-year B1, B2 or B1/B2 visas in Peoples’ Republic of China passports will be required to update their biographical and other information from their visa application via a website every two years, or upon getting a new passport or B1, B2, or B1/B2 visa, whichever occurs first. This mechanism is called EVUS - Electronic Visa Update System. The EVUS website is now open to the public for enrolments at this website. CBP will not collect a fee for EVUS enrolment at this time. CBP anticipates the eventual implementation of an EVUS enrollment fee, but does not have a time frame. Until the implementation of a fee, travelers can enroll in EVUS without charge. The Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will keep visa holders informed of new information throughout the year. For further information, please visit this website.

For arrangements in case of Typhoon 8 and Black Rain signal notification by Hong Kong Government, please visit the Consulate’s website at

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Welcome to the U.S. Visa Information Service for Hong Kong and Macau. On this website you can find information about U.S. immigrant and nonimmigrant visas and the requirements to apply for each. You can also learn how to pay the required visa application fee, and book an interview appointment at the U.S. Consulate General in Hong Kong and Macau.

This is the official visa information website of the U.S. Mission in Hong Kong and Macau.

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